Crafts ‘N Cocktails: Knitting

Crafts ‘N Cocktails: Knitting

The Granby Ranch Crafts ‘N Cocktails, every other Friday, is the perfect place to dabble in the arts.  Every session will be a different craft to help you relax, take your mind off things, exercise creativity, and maybe even learn a new passion.  From painting, to leatherwork, candle making, card making, and more, join our amazing artistic instructor to try your skills. Whether you’re a pro painter or a newbie we’ve got you covered. No need to buy and store a ton of supplies, we’ll provide those too. And we aren’t even to the cocktails yet! Reserve your spot and also receive two drink servings including wine, beer, and the night’s signature cocktail!

Time: 6-8pm

Location: 8350


Learn the basics of beginner knitting on September 24th. Your experienced teacher will easily help you understand everything you need to know to knit. We will knit a pot holder, or scarf depending on your desire and learn problem solving techniques as we sip our favorite cocktail. Package includes two (2) cocktails, instruction and materials. 21+ only.


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