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Refining Carving Camp

Refining Carving Camp

Get deeper in those turns, get more out of your edges. Start the new year off right.

Join us for a 2day, small-group camp (maximum 6 skiers per group) for advanced skiers to looking to refine their carve and increase their ski performance.

We’ll focus on adding earlier edge engagement and the use of increased and progressive hip angulation. Our certified instructors will work with you to ski at higher speeds and look for greater edge grip. Granby Ranch has plenty of groomed, quiet terrain where working on carved turns will be safer and more fun. 

This camp is for the level 6 skier who is already confident making carved parallel turns on blue terrain and groomed black terrain, with a pole-plant. Ultimately, we are working towards making pure-carved turns with zero skidding on a green run and perhaps a blue run. You should also be able to create higher edge angles and earlier edge on groomed black runs, even if the turns are slightly skidded. This program will help take your skills and enjoyment of skiing to the next level.