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Granby Ranch Rising

The All-New Granby Ranch Vision

Energized by fresh vision and supported by new ownership, we are launching an exciting strategic initiative – Granby Ranch Rising – that encompasses a host of near and long-term improvements, a reinvigorated spirit and a revitalized commitment to this special place.

The welcoming nature, friendliness and authenticity of Granby Ranch will remain unchanged as we invest in all aspects of the overall guest experience and forge the path ahead. We hope you will join us in welcoming in the new era at Granby Ranch.



Introducing Granby Ranch Rising

What's Inside This Special Section?

What's Inside This Special Section?

Behind the scenes with North America’s best master planners. Plus, Double Diamond Dining, Snowmaking, Racing, and Grooming Dirt.

The Rise of the Local Hill

It’s not bold to say that the mega passes and mega crowds of the big resorts undermine the mountain experience. Here’s how the mid-tier areas can help remedy that.

story by Marc Peruzzi | photographs by Dane Cronin


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Get with the Plan

Want to know what’s next for Granby Ranch? It won’t happen without your input.  

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Racers on Course

A new West Mountain competition venue designed in part by SE Group consultant Bode Miller will soon draw the world’s elite athletes—and kids from around North America. 


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A Higher Calling

“At one time, the veterans we ski and snowboard with in the Military to the Mountain (M2M) program were perceived as ‘broken,’” says M2M co-founder Roy Tuscany. “And because they might be missing limbs or suffering from severe PTSD, they might have believed it too. But when they finish nine weeks of physical and mental conditioning, and cap it with a week of skiing and snowboarding, they return to their daily lives whole. They aren’t broken.  And in my mind, they never were.”


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Free Live Music

If you’re a Granby Ranch fan, by now you know that the customer is the focus of the experience. So why not celebrate that with a free concert series that locals, weekenders, and new visitors to Granby Ranch can all partake in?  


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Double Diamond Cooking

As a snowboarder, Liana Aghajanian launches 40-foot kickers. As Granby Ranch’s Executive Chef, she’s elevating food services to expert class too.  


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Freeski Fridays

Grand County kids belong on the hill.  

Yet one more reason why small ski area matter? The “other mother” role they play in raising children. Where else can kids be outdoors roaming free in nature without constant supervision these days?


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