1.18.22 – Nordic Trails

1.18.22 – Nordic Trails

The wait is over! We know it’s required a little patience for the unbelievably good Nordic skiing to setup at Granby Ranch. A few factors have gone into the delay. First, with the ski area 100% open it’s been a full-on nightly task to get our suite of downhill trails groomed and prepped on a daily basis and while our operator team is brilliant, there’s been only so much time in the night. Second, it’s been a dastardly period for our vehicle maintenance team with our older cats routinely experiencing maintenance challenges. (Thank goodness the new ownership group has purchased a new cat, as we have seen some extended periods where all the others were inoperable). This includes the older Bombardier 160 cat, which has traditionally groomed the Nordic trails around the property. (It’s narrower in breadth, thus allowing us to groom in tighter spots). Third, the recent storm systems have somewhat erased our early sets of grooms over the last two weeks, effectively disappearing the track.

That said, the break in weather over the last few days has allowed us to make a few adjustments. You may have noticed the larger Prinoth 350 cat operating on the Nordic trails. We’ve now had a chance to widen the track with this vehicle and compact the surface for more consistency. We’ve also been able to get the 160 cat operating in spurts to track pack South Valley trails and — in the case of Vista Ridge, Rabbit Run and Sweet Nancy — nicely groom. And we’ve called upon the great golf course team to help us at night groom that trail system in the future as we look to ensure our small cat operator crew isn’t fully overloaded.

The net result is the trails are skiing awesome right now and we’ll be able to get out there more throughout this winter season. Thanks everyone again for your patience as we navigated a series of challenges leading into the Nordic season here at Granby Ranch. I’m looking forward to seeing you out on the trails myself!

A few notes to go along with their full open:

  • Nordic day tickets and season passes are now available at the ticket window only. Reminder that all folks accessing trails need to have a product (season pass, day ticket, lift pack, Nordic day ticket or Nordic pass) combined with a completed waiver.
  • We will start monitoring with our Trail Ambassador team similar to this past summer.
  • Fat bikes and snowshoes are allowed on trails via the Nordic day ticket or pass (or the other products listed above), though we please do ask that all travel remain on the right side of trails — e.g. the same as how you drive. And if you do fat bike or snowshoe, please be respectful of the classic ski track that will be shortly set. Avoid stepping on or riding over it. (The classic ski track looks like two parallel grooves in the snow running the length of the trail).
  • Grooming for South Valley and Golf Course trails is as follows:
    • South Valley: Tuesdays, Fridays and after a major wind/storm event.
    • Golf Course: Mondays, Fridays and after a major wind/storm event.



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