1.29.22 – Desperado Face Groomed

1.29.22 – Desperado Face Groomed

The skiing at Granby Ranch just rose to a new level. We had originally planned to winch Desperado prior to the World Pro Ski Tour event, but given the warm early season temps and the maintenance challenges with our older cats — to winch currently, we require another cat off of which to anchor — the project was delayed. Over the past few days we began track-packing, which compacts the snow and prepares the layers for a more even groom. Last night, Hoover and Elliot threw a first groom on the belly of the run.

Desperado is real deal skiing. With a maximum grade of 54%, the trail a requires winch cat to properly blade and till up (not down) the slope. This approach allows for an even, carpet-like surface. Think of the first groom as an initial draft in which our team explores grooming patterns in order to best address the multiple, bowl-like fall lines Desperado presents and contemplates the trail’s tendencies with a groom (e.g. surface hardness, moisture content, and sun-wind impacts). We’ll continue to groom Desperado on Fridays, making adjustments to our patterns, blade depths, tiller speeds etc. Our objective? Continuous improvement, exploration of the capabilities of our new cat, and getting the science of the run down as we prepare for additional training opportunities in the future.

Peering up West Mountain this morning was a treat, and I hope you all get a chance to check out the corduroy on Granby’s steeps.



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