11.21.21 – Kicking Horse Snowmaking + More

11.21.21 – Kicking Horse Snowmaking + More

After two weeks of unseasonably high ambient temperatures and abnormally high relative humidity stalled snowmaking, the team has been able to push hard over the last five days with the return of colder, drier air. There’s been a force multiplier effect the last few days — with another to come soon — as we now have power to all new pedestals that run our fan guns on the East Mountain including on High Roller, Rod’s Way, Buckhorn, and Jackalope/Prairie Dog. We’d focused on Easy Money to start, as that was the only location on the East Mountain where we had power until our new transformers were installed late last week.

The brute on the right at Light Shack powers all the circuits on Rod’s Way and High Roller.

We’ll continue to dump on Milestone, East Ballroom and High Roller/Rod’s Way over the next 3-5 days, then move several fan guns to Buckhorn — a big plot of land that will take considerable time. Then, we race to the finish to get upper Easy Money before December 11th. It’s possible as long as the temperatures cooperate, but it will be close.

For the first time ever, snowmaking on High Roller into the Kicking Horse neighborhood.

It’d be fair to wonder about all this new water pipe and our capacity to pump on hill. We eagerly anticipate the installation of a new 400HP pump to add to the two 250HPs in the house now in late December/early January. (Another casualty of the supply chain issues facing our nation right now). Adding this bigger unit, along with some long overdue electrical and programming work, will allow us to pump water at target pressures to all hydrants on both mountains. As it stands today, we still need to phase our snowmaking locations given the max capacities of the current pump system.

On the West, we’ve been slightly delayed on snowmaking as supply chain issues held back our air/water hydrants for several months; tower fans on Desperado needed careful electric and mechanical install; and as we re-routed electrical from transformers at the Maintenance Shop to power the tower fans.  With all the above projects nearing completion within the next few days, we’ll plan to start working on the West Ballroom Monday/Tuesday then up Desperado to the top of Conquest.

Our objective is to open December 11th with all lifts running. It’s likely to be a photo finish, but if temps stay like this over the next two weeks, it’s still very much doable.



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