11.26.21 – West Ballroom and High Roller

11.26.21 – West Ballroom and High Roller

A period of cold temps through Thanksgiving gave the slopes crew an opportunity to catch up on High Roller and move a handful of fan guns over to the West Ballroom. It’s an exciting time on the West Mountain because we’re also anticipating firing the tower fans on Desperado in the next night or two with their install nearly completed.

We’ll need to start doing the careful math on the amount of water we pump to both mountains. High Roller looks to be complete in the next few nights, which will allow us to close that section’s valve — creating more pressure and available water supply on the West. When we shut down on High Roller/Kicking Horse area — targeting Monday — we’ll move those guns to Buckhorn and begin there.

It’s all a game of water pressure and pump capacity from here to resort open, however, as West will require serious resources to get ready for The World Pro Ski Tour December 17-19, taking place on lower Desperado. We’ll continue to run the pump system at maximum gallons per minute (GPM), but there is the challenge of sending water at target pressure to both mountain tops due to the friction-related loss experienced over distances and up elevation. What always helps in this game of inches are cold temperatures and a bit of help from the skies. Think snow!



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