12.10.21 – Getting Ready for Open

12.10.21 – Getting Ready for Open

It’s an anxious but exciting time at the mountain as our teams push hard to complete remaining projects and prepare the mountain for guests. Unfortunately, this week (much like those before it) did not live up to forecast, as we only had eight total snowmaking hours from Sunday to Thursday. The incoming storm warmed and humidifed the air — leading to wet bulb temperatures in the mid 30’s Tuesday and Wednesday night — which shut our snowmaking down. It appears our bold goal of opening with all lifts, to include Desperado on the West Mountain, will have to be achieved next season.

It sounds odd to say, but we’re actually in a better position given this weather than you’d expect. Earlier this week, stumped by what we saw, we reviewed our 10-year weather tables and compared to our new and improved on-mountain weather data (thanks to the capability of the new guns). This is the warmest fall at the mountain in the last 10 years. Our longest-tenured staff believe this to be the warmest fall in this mountain’s history. It’s actually a remarkable accomplishment of our slopes team and thanks to the snowmaking investment by new ownership that we’ll open with 4/5 lifts and top-to-bottom skiing on a handful of trails — twice as many as last year, when we had a notable early December storm to assist. Plus, we’re gaining fast on Buckhorn. We believe that as long as temperatures over the next week hold, we’ll be able to make ground up on the East thanks to the efficiency of the new system. We are far ahead of where we would’ve been had this investment not been made.

To address the big question on the public’s mind regarding snow for the World Pro Ski Tour next week: While it’s a big event for this mountain, we’ve a great head start on Desperado and this is generally an easier venue to prepare for compared to a World Cup Slalom or Freestyle event. We’re devoting significant water resources to the track itself over the next five days, and we’ll get it.

Speaking of photo finishes, many of the resort services projects undertaken throughout the fall are finished today. We’re particularly excited by our rentals check in process, along with the rollout of the new F&B outlets. You may notice new signage, digital and print, around the premises. We’ll continue to re-work branding and signage throughout the winter.

We hope you can come out and join us for this weekend’s opening activities. It promises to be a great time. Stop by, say hello, check out some of the new setups, and come rip with us.



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