12.14.21 – Buckhorn

12.14.21 – Buckhorn

Massive snow piles on Desperado have allowed the slopes team to shift their focus to Buckhorn, where we now have carriage guns lining the length of the run. The team has worked hard to get the lower half of the trail near complete. In previous years, they had to use a generator and only a select few carriage guns to fire. Now, with the new investment, we have powered pedestals and free-flowing water on new pipe. It’s been a quick process — inside of five days — to nearly complete Buckhorn, and now we’ll just need to hopscotch a few more guns to the upper section and provide a little more power to finish coverage on that trail.

For retail skiers and riders, we like to let these big mounds — we call them “whales” — leach out the moisture for a few days so that upon push out and grooming, the surface is soft and forgiving. This is opposite of our strategy on Desperado, in which we push out as soon as possible and begin condensing the track to make the surface firm for training and competition.

The bottom line? Buckhorn’s opening this weekend is on the table. It will all be a matter of whether the forecast temperatures hold — and how much more padding we’ll need on the World Pro Ski Tour track.


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