12.2.21 – Buckhorn/Desperado + Good Forecast

12.2.21 – Buckhorn/Desperado + Good Forecast

While we’ve completed High Roller, Rod’s Way, and East Ballroom (lower Easy Money) over the past few days, it’s been tough sledding for our snowmaking team. Folks in the area have certainly noticed the warm daytime temperatures reaching into the 50’s, but the nighttime has been particularly punishing, with wet bulb temperatures restricting us to only a few hours of snowmaking early morning.

Currently, we have carriage guns positioned on lower Buckhorn, West Ballroom, and Desperado — to include air lances at the top. We’ll focus on these three areas over the next two nights and trudge through what looks to be only a few hours available over both.

There is good news. Beginning Sunday early morning and stretching into December 11th — opening day — forecasts indicate we may be able to run for nearly six days straight. There is also 6-8 inches total — we typically see 10-20% more on top of each mountain — of natural snowfall in the forecast next week. At times, natural snow can be a challenge for snowmaking as it warms and humidifies the air; however, it looks like we’ll be able to make snow while the clouds are also providing free stuff.

Source: Granby Ranch Weather Underground Station

We’re rallying the slopes crew for what we’re terming “The Big Push”. Our two shifts, night and day, with 4-5 staff each will attack this stretch in 12 hour slots (9A/P to 9P/A), going nonstop for that six day timeframe. This is one of those times where as a team everyone knows it’s going to take a ton of hard work and focus. It will be tiring; it will be tough; and we will need to get lucky. Getting Desperado ready in time for the 11th is firmly in question. But the bold objective of opening with all lifts on December 11th is still on the table and everyone can feel that it might be possible to achieve something that hasn’t been done here before.



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