3.14.22 – Staff Powder 8’s Championship

3.14.22 – Staff Powder 8’s Championship

Here in the Rocky Mountains — this land of enchantment, wonder and majesty – lies the birthplace of an event that has long-defined mountain sports: the Powder 8’s.

In a Powder 8’s two skiers or riders must combine their skills, turning in perfect synchronization and weaving glorious, signature ”8’s” in their snowy wake. The first skier or rider leads the duo into each turn and the second follows his or her lead as precisely as possible. To succeed, teams must employ a mixed bag of skill, style, and creativity.

Just a few weeks ago — we know, it’s been awhile since our last update — we held Granby Ranch’s first-ever staff-only Powder 8’s Championship. Tandems were rated by three judges for their turn synchronization, speed and creativity — both in uniforms and team names. The grand prize? A winner-take-all $1,000 cash, two Revo Bode Miller custom helmets, a big foam check, and (most importantly) bragging rights.

Brave participants ready-up at the start. 

This was part of several different staff events and parties we’ve held throughout the season. It’s critical to us that our team members get a chance to have fun and build camaraderie. (What better way to accomplish that while also doing a little skiing?) While we cannot report that all teams made it down perfectly, it was a great turnout and a fun time. Congratulations to Team Flannel — starring Cody B (lift maintenance) and Sean L (ski school) — for taking the cake!



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