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Private lessons

  • Private lessons will contain no more than 5 students.
  • Participants must be related/cohorts
  • Ages 3 and older may participate

Group Lessons

  • Group lessons will reduce student numbers.
  • Ages 6 and older may participate

Available Onsite Products

  • Consumers will be strongly recommended to pre-book their lessons
  • We will offer afternoon lessons if there is additional availability
  • Ski School traffic flow will be one way, entering at back of Base Lodge
  • Parents are to stay with miners until they meet their ski instructor for the day.

Guest Lesson Wellness Screens and Contact Tracing

  • For guests that will be spending 15 minutes or more with an employee, resorts may decide to perform a Wellness Screen, defined as a temperature check conducted by the department supervisor or manager.
  • All guest names, phone numbers, and emails will be captured for Contact Tracing purposes

Guest/Student Lunches

  • Lunch breaks will not be provided to any private or group day lesson. Students must have a plan for lunch not with the instructor.

Lift Procedures

  • Instructors and Guests that are in a cohort group will follow our social distancing mandates and chairlift loading procedures if with unknown parties.
  • Instructors and Guests that are in a cohort group may load the lift together to seating capacity (inside of 6 feet of separation) provided all guests and instructors are wearing full, acceptable facial coverings.

Mask Wearing

  • All Ski School participants and instructors must wear masks at all times
  • Mask must be over the nose and mouth of the participant or instructor.
Do I need to wear a mask during my lesson?

While it is not required, we highly encourage all students to wear a mask at all times, especially while on chair lifts, or talking with an instructor or other students.

Do I need to wash my hands/sanitize even if I am wearing gloves?

Absolutely. Avoid touching your face with your gloves as that can still spread the virus. Wash your hands before and after touching your face, eating, or touching a high traffic surface like doorknobs and pens. Help us keep our community safe.

What will you do to keep me safe during a lesson?

We will be limiting class sizes to avoid crowding. Instructors will wear masks for the entire lesson. We will meet outside, take water breaks outside, and finish the lessons outside. If you require extra precautions, communicate that with your instructor and we will do all we can to accommodate your needs.

Are there health screenings for staff or students?

Staff will take a temperature check every morning, as well as being fully informed of all guidelines to keep everyone safe. Students must perform a self-health screen prior to arriving. If you are feeling sick, please stay home.

What enhanced safety precautions are in place?

We have been working with the state and county to create strict guidelines to keep our community safe, and our resort open.This includes social distancing, mask wearing, and regular cleaning of high traffic areas. As a family oriented resort, we will be stressing group separation. We recommend planning your visit during a non-peak time for low density and reduced impact on facilities. You can find a complete list of Covid-19 guidelines at this link.