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Après-ski Raw Bar at 8350 Lounge
Aprés Ski

Après-ski Raw Bar at 8350 Lounge

Located on the third floor of the base lodge, 8350 Lounge is the place to be for après-ski. Join us every Friday and Saturday throughout the Winter from 4pm to 7pm for acoustic music, a limited menu and a full bar. Fridays, in addition to the menu, we will offer a Raw Bar.

Live Music Schedule: (Underlined dates indicate night skiing.)

December 8: Steve Skinner
December 9: Gary Key
December 15: Matt Brown
December 16: Gary Key
December 22: Dan Real
December 23: Gregg Green

December 24: Steve Skinner

December 26: Charlie Mellinger

December 27: Charlie Mellinger

December 28: Dan Real

December 29: Carter Robbins
December 30: Carter Robbins

December 31: Piano Player/Singer


January 5: Matt Brown
January 6: Dan Real
January 12:Andy Straus
January 13: Jeremy Dion
January 19: Gregg Green
January 20: Steve Skinner
January 26: Matt Brown
January 27: Levi Corrigan

February 2: Matt Brown
February 3: Dan Real
February 9: Blood Sugar
February 10: Jeremy Dion
February 16: Carter Robbins
February 17: Carter Robbins
February 23: Gregg Green
February 24:Steve Skinner

March 1: Matt Brown
March 2: Dan Real 
March 8: Blood Sugar
March 9:Gregg Green

March 11th: Jim Foss

March 12: Dan Real 

March 13:Steve Skinner

March 14: Matt Brown

March 15: Carter Robbins
March 16: Carter Robbins

March 17: Steve Skinner
March 22: Andy Straus
March 23: Steve Skinner
March 29: Blood Sugar