Why We Do It

Why We Do It

The mountain is a canvas that a team repaints each day. Opening a ski area each morning requires an array of skills, capabilities, and experienced people. Patrollers and operators arrive at 6:00AM for trail checks, pre-op tests, and risk assessments. As the night groomers finish their patterns and the sun breaks over East Mountain, lift mechanics brave the high elevation mountain weather and frigid temperatures, climbing towers to deice grips and bull wheels. Like most of the folks that work behind the scenes, the mechanics are unheralded in the ski industry. But as with so many others, they’re vital to a day of skiing and hitting that 9:00AM deadline. Likewise, when the log is signed and the first chair loads, guests are unaware of the summer spent testing systems, performing maintenance, and prepping for the season. Good people make it all happen.

This is doubly true at a smaller ski area like Granby Ranch, where we have all the same functions of a big resort—with less bodies. Our 200-plus team members must work cohesively to produce a great day on the hill. The work can be difficult, intense, and sometimes dangerous, which makes trust in the team all the more vital.

So why do they do it? Some come for skiing or mountain life; others to build careers in the industry. But the feeling that guests experience when they come to the mountain—that awe and freedom—gets in the blood of our teammates, too. That’s when working here becomes more than just a job—it becomes a lifestyle.

As you can tell, I’m proud of our people here at Granby Ranch. Every morning, in the dark, they demonstrate their dedication to delivering a safe experience for our guests. Next time you’re up on the hill, say thanks to a team member. Like you, they’re chasing a feeling.

Jace Wirth
General Manager, Granby Ranch

This story appears in Granby Ranch’s winter mini-magazine edition. For more information or to get a print copy, please email eloveland (@) granbyranch.com.