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Down-Country Biking

Down-country riding and the bikes that facilitate it are trending because they’re awesome. It’s cross-country riding without all the effort and double the fun.

With out Down-country day pass, you’ll get two lift rides that eliminate nearly 2,000 ft of climbing.

We give you a ride to the top of the bike park and you ride our expertly maintained cross-country trails both up and down as you make your way back to the base of Granby Ranch. On the way, you’ll get a workout, find amazing vistas to enjoy and get a taste of our Granby Ranch bike park experience.

After your first lap you can head straight back to the top for a lap in the bike park, another cross-country excursion, or have lunch before heading back up. After two laps and a couple of hours of riding you’ll find you had a great day of exercise and excitement.