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Granby Ranch Rentals


Specifically designed to accelerate learning – and get you in and out on the snow fast – Granby Ranch Outfitters carries the latest from HEAD. The shape of these skis helps you and your family progress faster than ever. Adult sizes range from 130 to 180cm.
Rentals will available to reserve in the Fall.

Ski Rentals


*Save time, sign the waiver before you arrive.

Supershape Team Easy JRS

HEAD’s innovative technology means the Supershape Team Easy JRS is softer flexing, so kids spend less energy on turning and more on fun. Granby Ranch Outfitters carries the Supershape Team Easy JRS fleet for children in most sizes. Both parents and kids benefit with this line, the shape of this ski results in less fatigue giving your family longer days on the mountain.

Ski Rentals


*Save time, sign the waiver before you arrive.

HEAD Flex 4D Snowboards

Granby Ranch Outfitters is pleased to carry the HEAD Flex 4D snowboard fleet for adults and kids. This fleet is the perfect solution for first-timers as well as intermediate riders. The recessed center of the board adds torsional flexibility, which supports riders on their first days on snow, making learning and progressing easy, creating lifelong contributors to the sport.

Snowboard Rentals


*Save time, sign the waiver before you arrive.


Please plan ahead and have the following information ready for each individual in your group when you arrive to our self-check-in stations. Your skier type, along with your height and weight, will determine the release setting of your bindings.

– Height
– Weight
– Shoe size
Skier type: 1 (novice), 2 (intermediate), or 3 (advanced)

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Granby Ranch good for beginner/first timer skiers and riders?

Yes. Granby Ranch is the perfect mountain to bring beginners/first timers, as well as intermediate and advanced skiers who’d like to perfect their skills.

Are reservations required?

We highly recommend you pre-book. Reservations can be made in advance for equipment rental and fittings. During peak dates equipment will be limited. Certain sizes may be unavailable for walk up customers.

How long is a rental? Can I reserve for multiple days?

We do offer multi-day rentals.

Do you rent gear (e.g. snowboard boots, helmet, poles) a la carte?

Yes. We do rent equipment including snowboard boots, helmets, poles and snowshoes individually.

When should I plan to visit? Will it be busy?

We strongly advise that you plan ahead for your visit.

Typically, Saturdays, the week of Christmas, President’s Day weekend and Spring Break (mid-March) are our busiest periods. If you’d like to avoid the crowds, stop by during the week or on weekends that do not fall on holidays.