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Trick Camp

Want to level up your trick game? We have the camp for you!

Camp dates: Saturday March 2nd, Sunday March 3rd

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This program would teach beginner skills in the park.

This is a 2 day, small-group camp (maximum 6 skiers per group) Led by a PSIA/AASI certified instructor for beginner to intermediate skiers/ snowboarders to learn how to refine their overall skills. Whether you are just starting off or are looking to show off some new skills, join us and we will make your experience something brand new!

Granby Ranch has plenty of groomed, quiet terrain where working on tricks will be safer and more fun as we work through progressions.

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The focus will be on adding basic to complex tricks to everyday skiing/ snowboarding. We will be skiing at higher speeds and looking for different ways to improve overall skiing while also implementing basic to intermediate tricks.

Video analysis sessions will be included during the camp to highlight skills to work on and improvements that have been made. This program would teach beginner skills in the park. 


Please plan ahead and review our tips and instructions for making your trip as perfect as possible.

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