Intro to Carving Camp

Intro to Carving Camp

It’s time to boost your skills.

Join us for a 2-day, small-group camp (maximum 5 skiers per group) for intermediate skiers to learn how to make carved turns and reduce sliding. Your skis can do more work for you and skiing can be more fun and effortless.

Our fantastic, certified instructors will be there to help you feel more secure at higher speeds and gain more ski performance, taking your skiing to the next level. Granby Ranch has plenty of groomed and mellow terrain where working on carved turns will be safer and more fun.  

This camp is for the level 5 skier who is already confident making basic, skidded parallel turns on blue terrain, with a pole-plant. Intro to Carving Camp is for skiers looking to learn how to add earlier edge to their turns and increase the amount of edge progressively during their turns. This program will help take your skills and enjoyment of skiing to the next level. 

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