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Women's Clinic

Whether you are just starting off or are looking to shake the dust off of your existing skills, join us for this women’s camp on Saturday February 24th & Sunday February 25th and we will make your experience something brand new!


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This is a 2 day, small-group camp (maximum 6 skiers per group) led by a certified female instructor for beginner to intermediate skiers/snowboarders to learn how to refine their overall skills. The ski industry can be a very intimidating and largely male-dominated area, and we would like to make it more inclusive and accessible by providing a safe and comfortable learning environment led by women.

Package INCLUDES lift ticket, rental equipment and lesson.

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This camp is for first time and beginner skiers who identify as women to learn how to refine their overall skills in a group setting with a certified female coach. The focus will be learning the basics of skiing and snowboarding and advancing skills to become comfortable on green/blue terrain.

Whether it is your first time ever skiing, or just your first time in a long time, our female coach will start from the beginning to build solid fundamental skills to help you not only improve on your skis/board, but to help you move through our progression-oriented terrain with comfort and style.



Please plan ahead and review our tips and instructions for making your trip as perfect as possible.

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